A week that shapes a lifetime!

The Girls State program provides young women of high school age the opportunity to come together 
to study state government. It teaches them to understand that they are an integral part of the 
political process. It helps them realize they have a responsibility to make tomorrow a better time, 
the world a better place, and that this job is up to them regardless of religious or political beliefs.
It gives them the opportunity to live together under their own government, which is executed 
entirely by them, and to deal with problems as they arise. They will see the political process work 
effectively or have setbacks.

For one week each year a NEW STATE comes into being. Boundaries of this new state are the University
of Arizona campus in Tucson. During the week they will learn about city, county and state government
with emphasis being placed on political parties, campaigns and elections. They will be challenged to use 
their initiative and imagination. They'll make the most of their week by "getting involved". Girls State
is sponsored by the world's largest women's patriotic organizations...The American Legion Auxiliary, 
therefore, each delegate must participate in All Flag Ceremonies.

The Girls State experience provides young women with the opportunity of meeting and becoming friends 
with girls from all over the state and common interests, will make that friendship last a lifetime.

Girls State is open to any and all girls in the junior class of high school.
Qualifications are as follows:
She may not have participated in a previous session of Girls State.
She should indicate an interest in government.
She must be able to participate fully in all phases of the fast paced program.
She must remain for the entire session, including the awards ceremony on Saturday morning to
use this participation on resume or other applications.
She is required to return to school for the completion of her Senior year. She is also required
to report back to her sponsoring Unit with a report of what she learned.
Girls will not be excused during the session for testing.
The Director of Arizona Girls State may accept or reject any application for citizenship in Girls State.
All girls are expectedto participate in all ceremonies such as flag and prayer.

See website at
for more information as well as up to date information, photos and other events.

Two outstanding citizens will be selected to attend Girls Nation in Washington D.C.
All expenses will be paid for by the American Legion Auxiliary. It is a complete full week where the two
citizens will interact with other girls from all over the nation.

See your counselor today for an application