Auxiliary Unit 42's Projects

Each year our Unit does small projects for our Veterans and community. We involve not only our Juniors in each project but our Legion family as well. Each year we try to do something new. We do have projects that we do each and every year and then some that vary on Holiday and year.

Mrs. Ziegler, a friend of Unit 42, has knitted and crocheted approx. 60-70 Lap Robes each year and donated them to Unit 42. We deliver them to the Phoenix VA hospital to be given to hospitalized veterans. Thank you Mrs. Ziegler.

Our Unit collects paperback books for donation to the Whipple VA for our veterans to read and enjoy. We collect westerns, mysteries and many more. If you would like to donate your used or new books please feel free to drop them by our office in Williams. These books are delivered thru out the year depending on when we are able to make the trip to the VA.

A few of our members collect coins and stamps that are sent to the Whipple VA for those veterans that love to collect rare stamps and coins.

From time to time our Unit will participate in the Pocket Flag project. This project is designed for the service men and women to have a small piece of home while overseas on deployment. In a small 3x3 bag there is a folded American Flag and small card with person thanks. Each set is done for 300 flags with help from the Unit members as well as children and other community people. If you know of a Unit deploying over seas please let us know as we would be happy to send some of these neat and wonderful keepsakes to them.

At Christmas time we like to donate items to help with the Whipple VA Gift Shop. We usually donate things like clothing, cute gifts, handmade items and sometimes money. It really helps create lots of smiles each year at the VA hospital for all those wonderful veterans. Please ask us how you can help create smiles for our veterans.

This year our Unit and Legion family will be putting together Candy Sleighs for the school children and Grand Canyon Elementary school K-3. It is going to be a great project and lots of fun. Something small to brighten the day for each child at christmas.